2012. február 15., szerda

I'm learning..

So, our talented officials up above, in the EU, came to the conclusion that the participants of the peace march (and so the hungarian government, and so the hungarians, and so on and on.. ) are anti-semitic. They based this assertion on two photos, depicting anti-semitic contents. (I guess, they aren't quite familiar with the methods of the gyurcsanyian-macchiavellian propaganda machinery, unlike the majority of hungarian people)


Now I try to identify with these highly skilled opinion shapers:

  • Once I've heard on an (otherwise disgusting) budapest-based orthodox-liberal radio called 'Tilos', that all the christians should be exterminated (look it up, if you don't believe me !). So, following the extrapolation of the above logic, the libs would like to kill all the christians, so they are antichristians.
  • One of the keynote speakers of the demonstration called 'millions for the freedom of press' was a rapper, well known of his pedophile lyrics. So, does it mean that all the protesters against the hungarian media act, including Ms Kroes, are pedophiles ?

(translation: "do you think, is it disgusting if I fuck a minor ? but if she's bleeding, she can fuck as well" ..)

well, well, good old liberal values.. ain't it, Mr Kohn-Bendit ?

Wow ! Come on ! Is this so simple ? Am I gonna be an EU big shot soon ?

No way. My stomach wouldn't stand it.

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