2012. január 5., csütörtök

Parallelisms (a short summary of what's actually going on around Hungary, compared with another case, in which the truth is already unveiled..)

country: Iraq Hungary
excuse for the attack: Alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction Alleged offense against democracy with the new constitution and media law
true motivation: money
(protecting huge profit of multi-national banks by plundering the hungarian budget through their private pension funds (PPF))
economical situation: US weapon manufacturers eager for new contracts as cold war is way over crisis of the Euro (currency), as well as huge state debts, as former left-liberal governments took huge loans from abroad, but no one really knows what they actually spent it for
trigger of attack: "peak oil" closing in the right wing govt. recently put an end to the nonsense PPF system, and imposed a new tax on the banks' insanely high profit
real inland offense against democracy: bloody violence against Kurds under the regime of then-US-friendly Saddam Hussein bloody violence against opposite protesters on the streets in 2006, under the regime of then-and-now-counter-hungarian leftist Gyurcsany Ferenc, former PM
official political reaction of western democracies on the above real offenses: silence and neglection silence and neglection
the foreign enemies' "best boy" in the homeland political system: whoever Gyurcsany Ferenc (a corrupt and well known boldface liar, former communist leader, now billionaire)
other homeland collaborators and their motivation: Kurds, who hoped receiving independence for their cooperation.. poor naive souls.. on one hand easily influencable people like elder communists, drifting youngsters, drug addicts, etc..
on the other hand the vasalls of Mr Gyurcsany, the ones with a rock-hard financial interest, like PPF board members, businessmen with fishy stakes, anyone whose business was somehow disturbed by the fact, that nowadays the laws apply equally to all of us, there are no favoured ones. Just a representative sample of the so-called "civilian" protesters': Mr Juhasz (a junkie, formerly fought for legalisation of _ALL_ kind of narcotics), Mr Konya (a self appointed soldier-unionist who originally studied in the Russian KGB's academy), and "Dopeman" (a rapper who is infamous for his pedophile lyrics..) ..and it reminds me not forgetting about Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit..
current status of interior affairs: recovering from the chaos caused by US raid recovering from the economic and moral breakdown caused by formerly governing liberals and ex-commies

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